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sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. welcome to snowtober. it's not even halloween, and we have our first measurable snowfall.
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>> it shouldn't be snowing on halloween. >> it was enough to call it a snow day, the roads weren't cold enough for any real problems. to the north, though, a very different story. roads shut down, entire towns without power. after the largest october snowfall in their history. >> and good evening, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist, parts of our area got eight inches of snow today. that's not the big story any more. we're worried about wet roads and freezing temperatures causing treacherous conditions on the roads in the area. maryland state police causing severe icing on bridges and side streets. we're told the bridges that connect i-270 to i-370 and the intercounty connecter completely iced over right now. cars are slipping and sliding all over the place. in the meantime, try to avoid it, and stay safe out there, this entire area going under a freeze warning tonight. doug kammerer is in the weather
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center with an update on that. >> we're going to see a dangerous situation overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning. the snow we saw today was a wet snow. that snow is now going to be able to freeze and some very cold air is making its way in right now. take a look at the temperatures out there, currently we're sitting in the 30s, 37 in washington, 34 in gaithersburg, that's where we're starting to see the problem. 32 in frederick and hagerstown, most areas getting at or below the freezing mark tonight. there's the freeze warning, and really it does encompass just about everyone who's watching us this evening, you will be at or at least close to freezing. our storm system which brought us the rain, wind and snow is out of here, that's the good news. what's coming in behind it, and just how low will our numbers go. a lot of people waking up early tomorrow for the marine corps marathon. we'll show you how cold it will be. >> if you live east of i-95, you probably saw little if anything in the way of snow. just a few miles away, though,
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an unusual sight for october that caught some people offguard. derek ward spent the day in lose burg. one of the first spots to start seeing the snowfall. >> reporter: at this facility, trucks got their loads and the chilly rainy skies and road surfaces that were just wet. more than 200 trucks were out on virginia roadways, a few minutes drive southwest and efforts were appreciated it looked more like november than the end of october. >> i think it shouldn't be snowing on halloween. >> reporter: we're still technically in hurricane season. for most, this kind of weather is unexpected and unwelcomed. >> i think it's crazy. snowing in october, we're just not prepared. we're wearing t-shirts with hats. >> as long as it doesn't freeze and turn to ice, we might be all right. >> i'm not ready for this at all. >> i don't like wearing coats until it's really cold, but for now, i'm just in and out. i'm not going to hang out in this, i'm going to go home and
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clean my house. >> what did get them out? a place you can't help but think warmer thoughts. this was not the fun go out and play kind of snow. it's probably not the best snow for making snow men, because it's kind of icy and wet, but it's good for throwing. >> all in all it was at least lucky this snowfall came on a weekend. regular rush hour under these conditions would have been quite around ordeal. if won't be long until scenes like this won't seem so out of place. >> this is not a good sign for the beginning of winter, i think. >> reporter: derek ward, news 4. >> and a couple of inches of snow accumulated on cars and on the ground in parts of maryland too. this is what it looked like in clarksburg this afternoon. snowfall heavy at times in northern montgomery county and frederick county. not much snow stuck to the grounds. there was enough on the ground to break out the sled. at least for a little while.
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>> the further north you go, the more damage this storm did. central park saw 1.3 inches of snow, that's the most manhattan has had in october in recorded history. states of emergency declared in connecticut, massachusetts and new jersey. three deaths have been blamed on this storm, more fan two million people are without power. hundreds of flights have been delayed or cancelled and they're not unite of the woods just yet. paul goodloe is in hartford, connecticut tonight which is getting slammed by this october snow. >> from snowy heart ford, connecticut, where the snow started just after 1:00, at least the heavy snow did. unlike other areas around the mid-atlantic, we went from a few snowflakes and flurries to some heavy snow, the snow continues to come down here, we're under a winter storm warning until 8:00 a.m. on your sunday, and, yes, this is a rare october snow for connecticut, especially here in hartford, we had snow three other times, the record snow in
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october just 1.7 inches. we eclipse that to 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon. the problem,this is falling on the trees this time in october, there's still plenty of leaves in the trees, the heavy wet snow hits the leaves, adding more weight, weighing down the branches and then they snap, bringing down power lines, we're talking close to a half million people and counting without power here. and the number of power outages, after what we saw with hurricane irene coming through here. paul goodloe for news 4, now back to you. >> all right, thanks to paul. 17 people are dead after a suicide attack on a nato convoy in afghanistan. that convoy included 13 americans, five of them were coalition soldiers,ed others were civilian contractors. the attack happened in kabul as
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the convoy was traveling near the university. the taliban claimed responsibility for that attack. we are just hours away from the start of the 2011 marine corps marathon. that means big road closures around arlington and washington. 30,000 runners will start in arlington. roads close at 6:00 a.m. and reopen as the race passes. all roads expected to be back open by 1:30 in the afternoon. metro will start at 5:00 a.m. use it. still ahead tonight, the website that has launched thousands of viral videos announces a new venture to bring regularly scheduled programs to your computer. shaq in there somewhere, apparently. plus, the clue that police say solved the howard university student's murder. and rain, snow, or shine. halloween revellers have taken to the streets of washi
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police say a handprint led them to the suspect responsible for a murder. william knight was arrested. he shot guiden in an offcampus apartment. a memorial service for guiden will be held tuesday night on the howard campus. more than 1,000 people braved the cold and rain today to support aids walk washington in downtown d.c. the 5k timed run was first, followed by groups of walkers.
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nbc 4 was honored with the community service award. aiysha was honored with the partner for life award. she along with nbc 4 have partnered with aids walk washington since it started in 1987. thankfully, we've seen quite a bit of progress in 25 years. >> at the start of this walk, diagnosis of hiv was followed by a quick diagnosis of aids and then death. and today people can live happy, normal productive lives by adhering to their medications, and taking good care of themselves. >> all the money raised goes to local hiv aids programs. an estimated 1 in 20 people in washington is currently living with hiv/aids. youtube launching a cable tv channel.
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shaq will have a comedy channel. madonna a dance channel. and the onion, satire news. the venture will add about 25 hours of new original content to youtube daily with dozens of web series debuting at scheduled times. ghosts and goblins descent on the white house for a treat from the obamas. and the snow has moved out. now the freezing temperatures now the[ female announcer ]es can a health insurance company
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halloween can really bring out colorful characters here in washington. you think the snow and cold would keep people from hitting the streets.
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no, it didn't happen. what happens when you bring snow and halloween together? >> we're live outside the front page restaurant and bar, this is the area where people are registering for this nightmare on m street event. it's basically a street party. people get dressed up in costumes, around halloween, people get creative, they get a little crazy with their costumes, tonight they had to get more creative as the cold air settled in. >> halloween is still a couple days away, but you wouldn't know it in parts of d.c. tonight. >> it's been five years i finally got it together. >> papa smurf here? >> yeah, i am papa smurf. >> the nightmare on m street event was sold out. billed as the biggest roaming costume party in d.c. >> michael jackson? >> yeah, man, you know. >> bust a move, man.
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>> woo! >> what do you think of the trial so far? >> he did it. >> this year, celebrations are coming on the same day the region was blanketed with an unusual october snowfall. >> i've been doing this for a few years now, and they always come. they get their wrist band and go and support the local economy. >> rain or snow -- >> it doesn't matter, they show up. >> you have the perfect costume, you're warm and fuzzy? >> yes, thank you. i'm suly from monsters, inc. >> reporter: some had to get even more creative with their costumes just to survive. >> how did you warm up your outfit a little bit? >> i have a lot of underneath padding, very t-shirts and undershirts and running pants on underneath. >> it's not a good year for a skimpy costume. >> no, it's not. >> reporter: for some, there was no turning back, especially after paying in advance. >> it's kind of cold for this kind of costume. >> we planned for it and paid
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for the tickets, so we're going to come anyway. >> this roaming street party is going to last until 1:00 in the morning in dupont. aaron, i know you're dying to know, how am i dressed up, i'm dressed up as a very cold reporter tonight. back to you. >> you can switch into the lady who's going home to warm newspaper her own house now, darcie. >> yes. >> thanks a lot. >> some area kids took a trip out in the snow today too to do a little trick or treating at the white house. each guest was greeted by president and mrs. obama and given special white house m&ms. the first family has held the halloween party every year since moving into the white house. >> the kids had to put on the slickers and big coats and the whole nine yards. >> it's probably one of the coldest halloweens we've had in a very, very long time.
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>> we've seen some nice warm halloweens. a cold one, halloween on monday. a lot of people got out and about. the snow, it came across the area, a little earlier, and we did pretty well with our snowfall predictions, in most areas. some locations in the west picked upwards of 6 to 12 inches. flurries and snow showers that came through from time to time. this was lots of snow over toward blue mountain. you can see about six inches of snow, this one probably my favorite. pumpkin knee men. you don't see that too often. this was in martinsburg, west virginia. say hello to the cooney family, out in round hill, virginia. this is in louden county. it looks like jack took off a little bit of that snowman's head. i saw him throwing it at his sister. all of those pictures courtesy of our facebook page. thank you for sending those in. here's some of the snowfall totals. 3.8 inches to the north of
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gaithersburg. damascus, .2 inches. here's the bull's eye, in the mountains of west virginia, a foot of snow here. bluemont into louden county, about 4.5 inches. south and east of this area, nothing at all. you saw some snowflakes come through, but that was about it. current temperatures are falling, 32 in frederick, 36 in leesburg. we have a freeze warning in effect across the entire area. please be careful tonight. if you are driving, we're seeing frozen roadways and ice potentially throughout the evening. the snow made its way throughout the area. got out of here by 7:00, 8:00, we are high and dry across the region as our snowstorm continues to move up into new england. speaking of new england, connecticut, western portions of massachusetts, how about two feet of snow for this halloween weekend? that's pretty amazing. out there right now 37 degrees with winds out of the
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north-northwest at 15. that gives us the windchill of 28 miles an hour, 28 degrees, rather. anybody that's outside is definitely feeling the cold. it's going to stay here during the day tomorrow, at least we'll see sunshine on monday, however, a little bit of a different story. the clouds move in, we could see some showers from another coastal storm. this one i think will stay out to see. tomorrow morning, mostly clear, very cold and breezy. 27 to 39 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny. very chilly afternoon with lots of melting. we could see more freezing overnight tonight. there's your four-day forecast coming in, 55 on monday, 54 on tuesday. and warming up wednesday and thursday next week, really looking good. >> thank you, doug. coming
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i want to blame this on the snow, the terps just weren't ready. >> no, you can't do that unfortunately. >> no? >> you can't blame it. it looked a lot like christmas in college park today. but it wasn't very merry for maryland, instead it was miserable. coach randy edsel and the terps have lost four in a row. conditions were so bad, could you get a lower level ticket on stubhub for a penny. first quarter, maryland down 7-3, tipped in the air, and picked off by shawn sylvia, who returned it 18 yards, take another look here. the pass is batted into the air by max holliway, and sylvia
11:24 pm
comes down with it, brown's third interception of the year, he would be pulled in the second quarter. two plays later, after the int, bc cashes in. 21-yard score, eagles up 14-3. they would lead at half time. fourth quarter, same score. on third and 11, check it out here, avoids the sack. improvisation, then on the run, a perfect pass to adrian. 55-yard touchdown, terps cut the deficit to 11. boston college shuts the door, finch punches it in for three yards out. 243 yards rushing, the eagles win their first acc game of the year, defeating maryland 28-17. the terps fall to 2-6. happy almost halloween from durham, north carolina. first quarter, no score, logan thomas. he's a speedy fella. finds a hole, races down the
11:25 pm
sidelines, knocked out of bounds. a 39-yard gayner, wilson finished with 138 yards rushing. thomas scrambling, tosses to eric martin, touchdown hokies, virginia tech takes a 7-0 lead. second quarter, tied at 7 on first and goal. josh ogilsvy gets the touch and then another. the hokies set an acc record with their 11th straight victory. navy on the run at notre dame. take a look at this. midshipmen doing the hoka before the game. does that not get you pumped? that's great. navy looking to beat notre dame for the third consecutive time. trey miller rolls out the toss. smooth, nine-yard touchdown, navy trails by seven, notre dame strikes right back. very first play of the ensuing
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drive. wide open michael floyd. 56 yard touchdown, notre dame wins 56-14. navy's worse loss since 2002. the midshipmen have lost six in a row. rutgers lose. caps and canucks in vancouver tonight. green is trying to recover from an ankle injury he suffered against detroit. coach boudreau said today he hopes green will be back in the lineup next weekend. the caps looking to rebound from their first loss of the season on thursday. first period down 1-0, niklas backstrom with a pass in front. gets a nice bounce. take another look. ove bounces off the net. same score later in the period, vancouver on the power play, christopher higgins, shot saved
11:27 pm
by okung. take another look, initial stop of the puck, right back to higgins whories it. michael noivert. vancouver, up 4-3 in the second period. caps need to bounce back. >> 17 wins, and now could be -- >> two straight losses. >> they'll bounce back. that is our news for tonight. "saturday night live" is next.
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we go now to washington, d.c. where mitt romney is taking questions from top republican fund raisers. >> it's such an honor to be addressing you tonight. you're the backbone of the republican party, and i think we all agree it's time for change. all right? i hope i have your support. any questions? yes? >> you've been saying recently america needs a leader to return

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